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Watermen & Lightermen
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The PQ Luncheon

After a welcome by the Master, Craft Owing Freeman Sinead Hayes showed examples of the rowing tabards which have been ordered for Watermen’s crews competing in City competitions. The tabards had been voted for at last year’s lunch. Craft Owning Freeman Robert Moore then explained that, as the last two lunches had held over the funds (now approximately £30,000) towards the refurbishment of the Freemen’s Room, this year there were only two options: to proceed with the Freemen’s Room; or to hold the fund over for another year. Court Assistant Annamarie Phelps, a PQ member who is leading the refurbishment project, then explained the preliminary proposals (as yet un-costed) which were being undertaken in consultation with Historic England. The room had last been decorated in 1998 so the refurbishment would bring the room to modern standards and improve its IT specifications and so make it more attractive for commercial presentations and use by our own Freemen.

The vote was taken after the lunch and the Master thanked  all  the PQ subscribers present. The vote by those present was unanimously in favour of using the fund towards the refurbishment of the Freemen’s Room; a decision confirmed by the majority of postal votes.

Craft Owing Freemen Sinead Hayes and Robert Moore have kindly agreed to continue as the representatives of the PQs on the Fundraising Working Party and with the refurbishment team.


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