Joining the Watermen’s Company

Membership of the Watermens’ Company is composed of Journeymen and  Craft Owning Freemen – the term freemen is used to describe both ladies and gentlemen.

 The Freedom of the Company is available as follows-

Journeymen Freemen
Apprentices  bound to the Company  who have qualified for their Boat Master’s Licence (previously the Watermen’s and/or Lightermen’s licence).

Freedom of the Company by Patrimony (without Craft Owning Status).

An applicant’s  parent must have been a Freeman of the Company at the date of  the applicant’s  birth.  The relevant form can be obtained from the Assistant Clerk –

Craft Owning Freemen
Those not directly involved in working on the River but who would  wish to join the Company could be eligible to do so under this category.  

The main requirements are –

To have a connection with the Company or the River Thames.You must be prepared to contribute to the Company and its Charities – financially and/or by the giving of your  time.

To be a Freeman of the City of London.  If you are not already a Freeman of the City of London the Company is able to assist you with this process.

To be sponsored by a  Court Member and a Craft Owning Freeman . The  Assistant Clerk will be delighted to help  with  the necessary introductions.

Once an application form  has been submitted the next step will  be to invite you to meet the Membership Committee for a short interview.

For more information or for an application package  please contact the Assistant Clerk on or 0207 283 2373

To download an application package please click on the link below

Application Package 2017

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