Joining the Company

The Company is known for its warm  welcome  and the best of hospitality whilst upholding the traditions of the City and the River Thames.

If you are interested in becoming a member  of the Company, our different areas of membership are listed below.

Watermen’s Company is composed of Journeymen and Craft Owning Freemen – the term Freeman is used to describe all genres.

The Freedom of the Company is available  via several routes:

Journeymen Freemen
Apprentices  bound to the Company who are at the end of their apprenticeship and have qualified for their Boat Master’s Licence and endorsements.

Freedom of the Company by Patrimony (without Craft Owning Status).   Either of the applicant’s  parents must have been a Freeman of the Company at the date of the applicant’s  birth. 

Craft Owning Freemen
Those not directly involved in working on the River, but wish to join the Company could be eligible to do so under this category. 

The main requirements are –

  • To have a connection with the Company or the River Thames
  • To be a Freeman of the City of London
  • To be sponsored by a Court Member and a Craft Owning Freeman

For further information or to apply for an application pack for any of the above memberships, please email [email protected] or call Kelly Lesurf on 020 7283 2373