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New FREE Online Options for BML Study with the Watermens Company 

The training team at Watermens Hall are looking forward to re-starting classroom study at the Hall in the near future. With the latest announcement by the Government explaining future easing of the lockdown across the UK we are hopeful that we can run classes from mid August, although socially distanced with reduced numbers. The team has put in place new protocols and completed the required risk assessments needed to return.

If you have not yet purchased the BML study pack and feel its time you began preparing for your BML examination then please drop me a line.

The lockdown has allowed the team to develop some alternative distance learning options for our apprentices. Not all of the syllabus is suitable for such delivery but we are confident that we can cover a considerable amount using these options. The team has been sending out regular BML syllabus question papers which the class return electronically. In addition, the team have been working hard to develop a suite of study options available through face to face video media such as Facetime and Zoom. These are available to both the exam prep class and novices hoping to join the class in the near future. The trials of these options have gone really well with good feedback from the students.

If you have 15 months of experience including at least 150 days on your work record you qualify to join the BML study class and , in turn , access the exam-prep Zoom sessions. There is an entrance test that needs to be passed and this can be done online. If you would like to have a go at this entrance test please drop me a line.  The entrance test covers the following topics;

Code Signal Flags

Navigation Light Recognition

Sound Signals

Day Shapes

IALA ‘A’ Buoyage

If you are not ready for the test then you could arrange one of the introductory one to one online classes to prepare for the entrance test. To qualify for this you will need 1 year of experience afloat.

If you have any questions about the suite of options available or how you get on the pathway to a BML please do not hesitate to message me 07956 341482 or you can Email

Stay Safe

Alex Hickman  – Training Officer