The Company of
Watermen & Lightermen
of the River Thames

Aims and objectives

The key aims and objectives of the Company are:-

  • To uphold the traditions of The Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames, to maintain its place at the forefront of the working life of the River Thames and to bring to bear its skill, knowledge and experience towards assuring the safe and healthy future of the River.
  • To develop its activities and use its assets to ensure that best use is made by the Company of the opportunities presented by the changing needs of the River, its infrastructure and its users.
  • To undertake its duties as required by its statutes and other legislation and to ensure that the Company has the Constitution and powers needed to fulfil its aims.
  • To encourage active participation in and recognition of the work of the Company.

Key Objectives – Training and water borne activities

  • To manage an apprenticeship and training scheme for those interested in becoming qualified to work on the River Thames or on inland waterways elsewhere in the United Kingdom
  • To seek to ensure that all persons working on the River Thames have the essential local knowledge and skills needed before they are qualified or  licensed and to provide and encourage, as appropriate, or necessary further training for qualified or licensed holders of the Boat Master’s Licence.
  • To encourage and promote rowing, barge driving and other water borne activities and skills, and to maintain a flow of qualified competitors for the Doggett’s Coat and Badge Wager.

The River Thames- To provide expertise and facilities through which the Company can promote the interests and concerns of the Company, the Freemen, the River Thames and the users of the River Thames.

  • To participate in and provide support to commercial and other activities that promote the interests of the Company and the use of the River Thames.
  • To seek to become a leading voice for the use of the River Thames.

Business and Finance – To ensure the financial health of the Company by developing its assets and making sufficient provision for the future.

  • To develop the use of Watermen’s Hall and its assets in a responsible manner.

Membership Participation – To maintain a sufficient number of Freemen of the Company.

  • To promote fellowship amongst the Freemen.
  • To provide a forum for contacts between individuals and bodies interested in or associated with the Company.

Charitable Responsibilities – To act as Trustee for, and to administer responsibly and efficiently, all the Charities of which it is Trustee.

  • To undertake fund raising in furtherance of the objects of these Charities.

The City-To participate in and otherwise support the traditions and activities of the City Corporation and of the City Livery Companies and Guilds.

The Historical Perspective- To encourage research and understanding of the Company and the work of Watermen and Lightermen on the River Thames.

  • To promote interest in Watermen’s Hall and the Company’s historic  possessions


The Company of Watermen and Lightermen, Watermen's Hall, 16 - 18 St-Mary-at-Hill, London, EC3R 8EF

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