Library Search

The Company has a library of around 1000 books, maps and archive items, ranging from readily-available current and recent publications to 500-year-old handwritten records and archives.   The library is not open for browsing or lending books, but Freemen of the Company and accredited researchers can search the library index to identify books or archives they wish to access.  Freemen should use the password “Freeman” (it asks for an email address but just use this).

To search, click on the blue “Search” button.  Select which field you want to search on (normally Title or Author) and type a word or a few characters into the Search box, followed by Return (or click Search).  It will return the matching records.  More complicated searches (with AND, exclusions etc) can be performed but are unlikely to be needed.  When you have found the book you want, make a note of the Record number; the Administrator will use this to locate the book and retrieve it