Doggett’s Emblem and Rowing Awards

The first Doggett’s Emblem and Rowing Awards Dinner was held at Watermen’s Hall on 29 January

Presentations were made by The Master, Dr Iain Reid, and by the Prime Warden of the Fishmongers’ Company,  David Robinson, who presented the Doggett’s medal to George McCarthy.  The Master presented Doggett’s silver pins to both participants in the 2018 race, winner Alfie Anderson. and runner-up George McCarthy.

The Master Dr Iain Reid,  Past Master Simon McCarthy and the winner of the 2018  Doggetts Race, Alfie Anderson




The Ben Woollacott Memorial Sculls Trophy  was awarded to Jimmy Anderson by Freeman Steve Woollacott.


The George Saunders 1959 Doggett’s winners cup was  awarded to the most improved apprentice at the  2018 Henley Sculling Weekend, James Berry.

Certificates to those attending the Henley Sculling Weekend went to Joe McCarthy, Mathew Brookes, Sam Miles, Thomas Costin, Billy Welsh, James Berry, Jimmy Anderson  and Lucas Ansbro-Bennett.

This was a very special evening, attended by many former Doggett’s Coat and Badge winners, supporting  the apprentices with  their very proud families and friends, to  celebrate their achievements.

Former Doggett’s winner Past Master Crouch gave a traditional toast to Thomas Doggett

A Toast to Thomas Doggett
A man of humour, dance and whit
His wager keeps the watermen fit.
Many since that bygone day
have pulled along his five mile way
Over the course they had to flog it
To race for the coat of Mr Doggett
So honour him with the ancient hale
To Thomas Doggett, the Toast- wassail!

Origin: Middle English wæs hæil ‘be in (good) health!’: from Old Norse ves heill (compare with hail). The drinking formula wassail (and the reply drinkhail ‘drink good health’) were probably introduced by Danish-speaking inhabitants of England, and then spread, so that by the 12th century the usage was considered by the Normans to be characteristic of Englishmen.


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