The Company of
Watermen & Lightermen
of the River Thames

Doggett’s Wager – News Update

Delayed again!

Today, 16 March, should have been the delayed 2020 Doggett’s Coat and Badge Wager. Postponed for only the second time in its history, as a result of the coronavirus, our four competitors  were scheduled to race today, but further restrictions mean the race has been moved. It will now be held on 25 June.

If you can’t wait, here is a map of some of the sites that were significant to Thomas Doggett during his lifetime. They are not all there any more, but a walk around those that are might shed some light on the life of the man who left such a legacy for us. (Please only visit sites within the current government guidelines).

And if you are interested in the current race,  you can check out our interviews with some of the competitors here, and find out more about the wager on our pages, or the Thames Festival Trust website.

Keep an eye out for interviews with our remaining competitors between now and race day.