Freeman Colin George Smith from Gravesend he passed away on the 6th August.

He started afloat on the Gravesend Tugs and then went to work for Bowker & King in the oil tankers and finish up working for B P on the river tankers. Colin took part in the annual barge races. He was in the crew that rowed with Honorary Court Assistant John Potter with 20tons of cargo from Sheerness in the River Medway to deliver the cargo to Lensbury Wharf Fulham taking 3 half tides.

Freeman Christopher Payne died at home on Friday 27th July 2021.

He started his career on the river on the Gravesend ferry later worked for Flower & Everitt  Lighterage company , then went to work on the oil tankers for BP & Shellmex . When these split up  he then worked for Shell oil.