Craft Owning Freemen

As a Craft Owning Freemen you are already familiar with the benefits of being a member of such a historic Guild as the Watermens’ Company. These include being able to book for the various events the Company and its Charities hold during the year and hiring Watermen’s Hall for your own events at a discounted Hall Hire (only) rate.  The Company is known for its warm hospitality and our caterers Cook and Butler have a well-deserved reputation for catering of the highest quality.

Waterman Hoy, the Company’s newsletter is published at least four times as well as a monthly E Shot newsletter all designed to keep you up to date with events and news from the Hall. You also have access to the Company’s web site

You can enjoy the fellowship of your fellow Freemen and the Company also provides a forum of contacts between individuals and other interested parties associated with the Company.

One of the aims and objectives set by the Court is ‘Membership Participation’ and this is defined as ‘To maintain a sufficient number of Freemen of the Company’.

The Membership Committee has been given the task of recruiting twenty new Craft Owning Freemen each year and we hope you will be able to help us with this by considering introducing potential new Craft Owning Freemen to the Company.

The requirement as not onerous, you need to have the Freedom of the City of London and be sponsored by a Court Member and a Craft Owning Freeman. Assistance with all of this can be given by contacting the Assistant Clerk.

The Company is known for its warm welcome and we hope you will feel able to extend this welcome to members of your family and friends.

The Master, Dr Iain Reid, is most keen to attract the young Freemen to become more involved with the Company and attend some of the ‘Freemen’s Event as well as the Company holding some events specifically with them in mind.

For more information about joining the Company contact [email protected]

For more information about Company functions please contact [email protected]

For more information about hiring the Hall please contact Mark Groves of The Cook & The Butler Event Company [email protected]