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Tudor Pull

SATURDAY 29 June 2019 The Tudor Pull took place  starting with  a ceremony at Hampton Court Palace where the Stele (a piece of old London Water Pipe representing Crown Jewels) is handed to Her Majesty’s Bargemaster, Past Master Chris Livett, to take aboard the “Gloriana” for the voyage down to the Tower of London. The

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The Company Barge

Some years ago, I was invited to watch the Thames Barge Driving Trust’s barge race, being an up-river man, this was something completely new to me. I was fascinated by the spectacle. The PLA won the first race I watched, and I was soon informed because of the competitiveness of their barge and crew, this

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The PQs

In 2016 the Court decided to wind up the very successful ‘500 Club’ – the group of Freemen whose donations had financed the Company’s 500th Anniversary celebrations. However, a number of those Freemen indicated that they were keen to continue making voluntary contributions to support the Company’s objectives. The result was a new fund, to

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Data Protection Changes

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the Data Protection Act 1998  and became law on 25th May 2018. The GDPR updates data protection to reflect the digital age. This also brings in new rights for ‘data subjects’ and new obligations for any organisation acting as processors or controllers. The Company of Watermen and

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Craft Owning Freemen

As a Craft Owning Freemen you are already familiar with the benefits of being a member of such a historic Guild as the Watermens’ Company. These include being able to book for the various events the Company and its Charities hold during the year and hiring Watermen’s Hall for your own events at a discounted

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Social Media

The Company has a Facebook Page, The Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames, where we will post news and events.  The Watermen’s Company group will continue on Facebook, connecting those who have joined the group.  We are also on Twitter as @watermenscompan  and Linkedin as Watermen’s Company.  Details of news and events

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