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Apprentices Update


You will be aware that Watermen’s Hall is closed until further notice. This means that we have had to stop our classroom training. This closure is temporary and will be reviewed on a regular basis. All Company events and meetings are also cancelled for the time being, at least to the end of April.

We are also aware that most passenger boats have been laid up and other river employers may well be working with reduced staffing. If you are currently without work or self-isolating at home, we hope this situation will change soon.

Those apprentices that were attending our classroom recently will be contacted by Nick Tudor who has produced some quizzes to continue to improve your knowledge and so that we can stay in touch. With the results of the quizzes, although these will be personal to you, it will allow us to assess areas where more work might be required and allow us to tailor teaching to those areas.

We also want to stay in touch with those apprentices who have not been invited to attend our courses

We are indebted to the Company’s staff who for the time being will work as best they can from home, but this makes communication more difficult. We regard our website as the first place to go for information. We will also use our Facebook pages and group.

During this crisis period, the Master, Senior Warden, President of the Charities and Chair of GP will continue to have regular conference calls including the Clerk, in order to review the situation and deal with any urgent business.

No one can predict when the situation will ease, allowing for the responsible movement and meeting of people can re-commence, but we hope it will be sooner rather than later.

We will stay in touch and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to raise them either by email or telephone 07901 747 261

Colin Middlemiss


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