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Collection of Uniforms, Coats & Badges -2nd Edition –A new updated edition of the Collection of Uniforms, Coats and Badges has now been printed. This pictures some of the Company’s Collection of  Uniforms. Coats and Badges over the years. This original print run sold out and copies of the new edition are  now available from Watermen’s  Hall. The cost is £10.00 plus postage and packaging of  £2.25. To order your copy please click here or contact Watermen’s Hall on 0207 283 2373.

The Ladies’ Company  Crested Brooch  – We now have the Watermen’s Ladies Brooch back in stock. This very elegant and attractive brooch can be purchased from the Hall at a cost of £90.00 –  postage and packaging extra. This 

would make an ideal gift for Christmas or a special birthday and by buying one  you are also supporting the Watermen’s Hall Preservation Trust.

The Company Crested Mug below

Items available for sale to Company Freemen only
Ties – blue/silver/red £21.00
Apprentice ties – blue £21.00
Company Pennant £50.00
Blazer Badges £50.00
Buttons – silver plate large/small (per button) £3.00
Doggett’s Blazer Badge (Winners only) £20.00
Doggett’s Tie (competed in the Race) £20.00
Cap Badges £20.00
Company Uniform  Epaulettes
Bound Waterman Apprentice £25.00
Waterman Apprentice with BML Tier 1 Level 2 £25.00
Waterman Apprentice with BML Tier 1 Level 2+ endorsements
Freemen with BML Tier 1 Level 2 £45.00
Freemen with BML Tier 1 Level 2 + endorsements £50.00
Other items available for purchase  by non members of  the Company
Christmas Card (packets of 20) (see above) £15.00
Company Pocket Diary-crested £15.00
Company Mugs – bone china  (see above) £10.00
USB Stick featuring the ‘Apprentice LIghterman’ORDER FORM £12.00
History of the Company
Price per set of 5 volumes £50.00
Price per single volume £10.00
The Coat by PM Crouch £20.00
Collection of Uniforms, Coats and Badges – 2nd Edition £10.00
Heraldry of Livery Companies of the City of London since 1954 by PM Goddard £35.00
Pleasure Boating on the Thames – Salter Brothers £15.00
Tour Guide of Watermen’s Hall £2.00
 Ladies’ Brooch – Company Crest (see above) £90.00
Please note that postage and packaging is in addition to the above.
To order please contract

Doggett’s Blazer – available to any competitor who has completed the course. Designed by Rowing Blazers of New York, each blazer will be bespoke at a cost of £250 plus £32.50 for the hand made pocket badge. Those interested should contact Joe Guppy on phone 07791 945988. Please do NOT contact the Hall.

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