Binding and admission dates

What is Binding?

It is simply a ceremony at which the apprentices or trainees enter into a commitment with the Company to serve an agreed period of time as an apprentice or as a trainee. For an apprentice it is likely to be 5 years and the Master or mentor will join in by committing themselves to help and assist the apprentice. For a trainee the period will be at least 2 years. It is a lovely ceremony to which parents and friends are invited to come and support the apprentices and trainees.

What is Admission?

It is another ceremony when an apprentice of trainee who having completed their period of binding, having received their Tier 1 Level 2 Boatmaster’s licence with at least two specialist endorsements and having been examined by the Company for their local knowledge, are admitted to the Freedom of the Company.  In addition they are able to receive their Watermen’s and/or Lightermen’s Certificates. Again parents and friends are invited to come and support the apprentices and trainees.

The next Court of Admission will be held on the 10th July 2017,

 For further information or guidance, please contact the Clerk.

Court of Admission – 2015 – Newly admitted Freemen in the Freemen’s Room.


The next Court of Examining will be  23rd November 2016 – and apprentices or trainee who have completed their apprenticeship, gained a Tier 1 Level 2 BML with two endorsements (one of which must be the Thames Watermen’s Local Knowledgement)  can apply to be examined for the Freedom of the Company. Please contact Susan for further details and an application form. 

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