Collection of Uniforms, Coats & Badges -2nd Edition

A new updated edition of the Collection of Uniforms, Coats and Badges has now been printed. This pictures some of the Company’s Collection of  Uniforms. Coats and Badges over the years. This original print run sold out and copies of the new edition are  now available from Watermen’s  Hall. The cost is £10.00 plus postage … read more

Company Calendar

The Company runs a comprehensive programme of events throughout the year, many of which are open to all Freemen, while others are attended by the Master, in his official capacity, and by the Court. The full key to all events is as follows:      

Memorial Barge Driving Event

16 September 2018. The Steve Faldo Memorial Barge Driving Event is a great Thames spectacle and the watermen’s way of commemorating the Marchioness Disaster on 20 August 1989, the race taking its name from Steve Faldo, skipper of the Marchioness on that fateful evening. The event tests the barge crews’ navigational skills as they follow the … read more

Open House at Watermens Hall

All tickets for the Open House have now been allocated. If you do not have a ticket I am afraid you  will  not be able to come in. 22 September 2018. Watermen’s Hall is once again open to the public for guided tours on  Saturday 22 September, as part of the Open London Weekend.  This is the … read more

Freemen’s Luncheon – October 2018

Our next Freemen’s Luncheon will be held at Watermen’s Hall on Tuesday 16 October 2018, when The Master very much hopes that hopes that you will be able to attend. Our guest speaker will be Mickola Wilson, Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors, who was involved in the creation and development of the … read more

Freemen’s Luncheon – November 2018

The November Freemen’s  Luncheon will be held on the 13th of November. Full details will be available in due course.

Examining Committee

The next Examining Committee will be held on 26th of of November. For more information  and  any enquiries please contact Kelly LeSeuf  at the Hall  

Doggett’s Coat & Badge 2018

This year’s Doggett’s Coat and Badge Wager took place on 4th September 2018. This competitors were Alfie Anderson, 23 (Poplar, Blackwall and District RC) and George McCarthy, 24 (Globe RC). Following the Draw, which had taken place at Watermen’s Hall on 12 July, Anderson rowed in orange from Station 4, while McCarthy wore green on … read more

Doggett’s Blazer

The Company’s Rowing Officer, Immediate Past Master and Doggett’s winner Simon McCarthy is delighted to announce the launch of the Doggett’s Blazer, available to any competitor who has completed the course. Designed by Rowing Blazers of New York, each blazer will be bespoke at a cost of £250 plus £32.50 for the hand made pocket … read more

Company Christmas Card 2018

The new Watermen’s Company Christmas Cards for 2018 are now available from the Hall. Freemen are reminded to place their order early, as we sold out of our stock very early last year. The picture chosen this year is: The Lower Pool 1909 by Charles Edward Dixon Click here to open a form to place your … read more

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