Protecting your information

Protecting your Personal Information
This page  details how the Company of Watermen and Lightermen deal with the protection of your personal data. However, if you still have any queries after reading this leaflet, please contact us here at Watermen’s Hall asking for the Assistant Clerk, Carol Ratcliffe.

1 – The Company of Watermen and Lightermen
Where “the Company” is used, this means the Company of Watermen and Lightermen, its whole owned subsidiary trading company, Minories Holdings Limited, and all the charities associated with  the Company.

2 – The Data Protection Act 1998
The Data Protection Act 1998 provides you with certain rights when you supply personal information to organisations like the Company. It demands good information­handling practice from us as “data controllers” ­ all those who record and use that information.
The Company must be open about our use of personal information and follow proper practices in obtaining, holding, using and disclosing that information.

3-How does the Company use your information?
All personal information (including personal information that you have given us in connection with your application to become a Craft Owning Freeman, will be held by us on our computer systems, manual records and the Company’s database.
All or any part of that information will be available to the Company, its subsidiary Minories Holdings, and its Charities only in so far as it is necessary to process your application. We may use your information to keep you upto date with the Company’s activities, products, and services available to
apprentices and Freemen. If you do not want to receive such information, please write and tell us.
Once we have received your information we will use it to process your application, renewal, or request. We may also use the information for statistical, research and system testing purposes.
Where necessary in connection with your application, the Company will process “sensitive data” as defined under the Data Protection Act (this includes information as to your physical or mental health or condition). The Company has a confidentiality policy – a protocol for processing such information
– that ensures it is securely kept and access is strictly limited to those who need to see it.
We are legally obliged to disclose certain details to outside bodies; these include The Port of London Authority, the police and court’s service. We may also disclose details to our professional advisers.
This disclosure may be by electronic means or other restricted access Internet service.

4 -What if your information changes?
To ensure that the personal information you provide is accurate and current you may request that any of the information we collect about you is changed or deleted at any time by contacting us at Watermen’s Hall, 16 St Mary­at­Hill, London EC3R 8EF. Any call you make to the Company maybe
recorded for security purposes, to help us improve our service and resolve complaints.

5 -What rights do you have under the Act?
The Data Protection Act requires us to notify the Data Protection Commissioner of the sources of our information and the parties to whom we may disclose that information. That notification is available for inspection by the public at the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF. You may also request a copy of a specific notification by writing to the same address.

You also have the right under the Data Protection Act to obtain copies of all the information that we hold about you, with only a few exceptions. Under the Act we have the right to charge a fee for providing this information.
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