Memorial Barge Driving Event

16 September 2018.

The Steve Faldo Memorial Barge Driving Event is a great Thames spectacle and the watermen’s way of commemorating the Marchioness Disaster on 20 August 1989, the race taking its name from Steve Faldo, skipper of the Marchioness on that fateful evening.

The event tests the barge crews’ navigational skills as they follow the traditional Thames Watermen and Lightermen’s method of moving freight around the river using oars alone, and by riding the strong tidal currents of the river.

Today’s barges can weigh up to 30 tonnes, with no more than three crew members permitted to row at any one time, using 20-foot oars to propel the craft along the river, starting at Tower Bridge at 1630 hrs, and finishing at Westminster Bridge approximately an hour later.

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