Doggett’s Coat & Badge

4 September 2018. All Craft Owning and Journeyman Freemen are invited to book their  places to watch this year’s Doggett’s Wager on the Company’s following boat, the PV Mercia. Tickets are £90, which includes a glass of Pimms on arrival and a buffet supper with wine aboard the Mercia. Boarding will take place at St … read more

Barge Driving Race 30th June 2018

Thames Barge Driving Event – 30 June 2018 A very exciting race with one of the closest finishes  for sometime attracted many following boats and crowds  cheering from the  Bridges, took place on Saturday,  The first three barges crossing the line at Westminister Bridge were- 1 Balmoral – with the MBNA Thames Clippers crew. 2 … read more

Doggett’s Blazer

Doggett’s Blazer The Company’s Rowing Officer, Immediate Past Master and Doggett’s Winner Simon McCarthy is delighted to announce the launch of the Doggett’s Coat and Badge Blazer, available to any competitor who completed the course. Designed by Rowing Blazers of New York, each blazer will be bespoke at a cost of £250 plus £32.50 for … read more

The Company Christmas Cards 2018

The new Company Christmas cards  are now available from the Hall. If you remember last year we sold out very quickly so don’t delay. The picture chosen this year is – The Lower Pool 09 (that’s 1909) by Charles Edward Dixon A order for is attached  and all proceeds go to  Royal Benevolent Fund for … read more

Installation of the 192nd Master

Dr Iain Reid was installed as the 192nd Master of The Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames on July 11th at 11.00 am. After the closure of the Installation Court the Master and the Court, processed to All Hallows by the Tower led by the Company Bargemaster, Doggett’s Winners and  the Beadle  … read more

Quarterly Court & Luncheon – 3rd July 2018

Quarterly Court & Luncheon – 3rd July 2018 The following attended the Court to  take the Oath to the Company and be admitted to the Craft-Owning Freedom.  The new Freemen   are   Diane Burley, Michael Corcoran,  Thomas  Layton, Henry McCarthy and Kenneth  Milton.      

The Apprentice Barge Race 2017

The race which had been scheduled to take place on the 21st of October 2017 and had to be  postponed due to the extreme weather conditions took place on 29th of April The results were 1 Apprentice Lighterman in a time of 1.41.50 2 Shell Barge – time 1.43.17 3 Balfour – time 1.45.36 4 … read more

Master’s visit to Hastings 18th May

The Master and the President of the Almshouses, along with members of the Court, visited the Company’s Almshouses at Hastings on the 18th May. After walking round the grounds, which were looking extremely good thanks to the hard work of the Warden and his team of gardeners, a very splendid luncheon with some of the … read more

Court of Bindings June 2018

Court of Bindings – 22nd June 2018 The following Apprentices and Trainees were bound today: Reiss Ballard, Noah Barker, Scarlett Barnett-Smith, Ben Brookes, Niall Carroll, Orlando Clarke, Connor Colclough, Thomas Costin, Jowita Dec, Michael Hammond, Andrew Heath, Emily Hickman, Charlie Irwin, Coleman Maassen, Paul Metcalf, Samuel Miles, Jared O’Grady, Charlene Peck, Cameron Prentice, Dylan Whatmore. … read more

The Knollys Rose Ceremony 20th June 2018

Knollys Rose Ceremony  20th June 2018 Members of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen, members of the Knollys family and representatives of All Hallows by the Tower Church were present to see the annual cutting of the Rose and then processed to Mansion House . At Mansion House the Rose was presented  to the Lord Mayor … read more

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