Company Calendar

The Company runs a comprehensive programme of events throughout the year, many of which are open to all Freemen, while others are attended by the Master, in his official capacity, and by the Court. The full key to all events is as follows: M      Attended by the Master in his official capacity C  … read more

Doggett’s Coat & Badge

4 September 2018. All Craft Owning and Journeyman Freemen are invited to book their  places to watch this year’s Doggett’s Wager on the Company’s following boat, the PV Mercia. Tickets are £90, which includes a glass of Pimms on arrival and a buffet supper with wine aboard the Mercia. Boarding will take place at St … read more

Open House at our Hall

22 September 2018. Watermen’s Hall is once again open to the public for guided tours on 22 September, when tours will operate at 0900 hrs, 1030 hrs, 12 noon and 1315 hrs.. Applications for a maximum of two tickets per application can be made by sending  a stamped addressed envelope indicating the number of tickets required. … read more

Great River Race

8 September 2018 The Great River Race is London’s River Marathon. A spectacular boat race up the River Thames, it attracts over 330 crews from all over the globe. The Great River Race appeals to every level of competitor! From dedicated athletes who like winning, to those who enjoy laughter, fancy dress and charity stunts, it’s … read more

Memorial Barge Driving Event

16 September 2018. The Steve Faldo Memorial Barge Driving Event is a great Thames spectacle and the watermen’s way of commemorating the Marchioness Disaster on 20 August 1989, the race taking its name from Steve Faldo, skipper of the Marchioness on that fateful evening. The event tests the barge crews’ navigational skills as they follow the … read more

Open House -22nd September 2018

Open House at Watermen’s Hall – 22nd September 2018 Entrance is by timed ticket only.  Check the Open House London website for booking information. Application for tickets should be addressed to the Assistant Clerk at Watermens Hall, St Mary at Hill, EC3R 8EF enclosing a stamped addressed envelope. All TWO tickets per application.

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