The Bargemaster, Robert Coleman, presents his guard of honour at the Company’s Annual Dinner at Fishmongers’ Hall.
In alphabetical order: Chris Anness (Doggett’s winner 2011 and Diamond Jubilee Coat & Badge 2012), Dan Arnold (Doggett’s 2010), John Dwan (Doggett’s 1977 and Millennium Coat and Badge 2000), Merlin Dwan (Doggett’s 2012), Ben Folkard (Doggett’s 2016), Lenny Grieves (Doggett’s 1969), Mark Hunter MBE (Millennium Coat and Badge 2000), Ross Hunter (Doggett’s 2006), Jack Keech (Doggett’s 2017), Jude McGrane (Doggett’s 2007), Louis Pettipher (Doggett’s 2015)